INK OIL is a proprietary blend of powerful essential oils.  One of those oils, Lemongrass, gives INK OIL its pleasant aroma.  However, its therapeutic properties go far beyond the good smell. As documented in the Journal of Advance Pharmaceutical Technology and Research, lemongrass is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that help skin heal and prevent dryness and aging.  Lemongrass aromatherapy has also been shown to calm anxiety and nervousness.

Examining these benefits in terms of your tattoo, lemongrass helps tone your skin and calm the irritation and tenseness often associated with the tattooing process.  Using INK OIL with lemongrass before and during the tattooing process can calm the mind and prepare the skin for a new tattoo. Used following the removal of Saniderm*  or another pathogen barrier, INK OIL will help protect your tattoo from infection and speed healing

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